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Love the fact that even at 4am, there is still traffic in Time Square. I love the pace of this city. And even more than that, I love the people.

And the video definitely contains something about the subject in matter here… Just click the image down below!

There are a lot of people in New York on a given day. I classify them into three groups; Residents, commuters, and tourists. I classify a commuter as someone who spends more than 20 hours a week in the city. All of these groups are easy to identify.

Resident’s are like commuters, but are more laid back. This is because they don’t have to wake up as early to go to work. They simply have more time in the day. Commuters get between one and three hours less sleep than residents, so they are more likely to be in a rush.

Either way, both resident’s and commuters go by a New York code. It is the code that differentiates the two groups from the tourists. For example; A new yorker knows that the traffic light is not the best way to tell when to cross the street. A new yorker knows to take their metro-card out of their pocket BEFORE getting to the turnstile. And a New Yorker knows that if you get a phone call on a Metro-North train during peak hours, you ignore it. People pay hundreds of dollars a month to ride those trains and expect silence. If you break that silence, you will be known as a tourist.

There are a few ways to know if you are acting like a tourist in New York City:

1. If you spend more than 5 seconds at a subway turnstile.

2. If when everyone else crosses the street, you wait for the light.

3. If you can’t walk more than 5 blocks without someone stopping you to offer a bus tour of Manhattan

4. If you answer your phone on the train and don’t care who is listening.

Wherever I go, I try to blend in with the culture. I’m not shy or anything like that, but I never like to be labeled as a tourist.

When I travel with people, I don’t like when they label themselves as tourists either. Because when they do, they label me one as well.

When you travel, what do you do to blend in?

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