How to train a kitten to go to the potty

Posted by imamtheadminhere on November 7, 2015 in Animals |

Education kitten walking on the tray should not be a difficult and exhausting, and you, and his job. In fact – this is a simple and fairly successful operation, if you approach it with enthusiasm, take plenty of time and patience.

What does that require? The first step is to choose the right pot for the kitten. The best choice – plastic vessel which is easy to clean and is the most practical purchase. Do not take the pot with high edges. The kitten should be easy to jump on him, and after performing the necessary action. For the kittens is perfect not deep toilet with mesh “Clean paws.” Toilets with mesh very comfortable and do not require financial expenses for fillers, but in order to avoid unpleasant odors, it should be washed after each trip to the toilet cat.

Some kittens are neglected scented toilet. Start learning from the vessel of clay, odorless or with a stand for flower pots. Most kittens happy to go on the pot and not shitting in other areas of the apartment. However, if you have green spaces in the apartment, the kitten can change their habits and start to go under the plant. In order to avoid this – remove the plant away from the kitten or overlaid soil with stones or pine cones.

Cat litter must be placed in a relatively quiet location. Where kitten can retire and be alone with him. Do not place the pot close to household appliances that emit noise at work (refrigerator, washing machine, etc.). Make sure that the kitten does not interfere with the natural need to send it curious children and dogs. Small furry lump should be within easy reach of its toilets. Place it close to his place of permanent holiday. And if you are afraid you are lucky and cats already living in the apartment, then each of them, it is advisable to be a toilet. Many cat owners prefer the closed restrooms in the form of the house, but these stalls are not very convenient to clean and should not be mistaken with the size that the animal was comfortable.

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