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In order to achieve a rapid effect is best to start visiting the gym, where the coach will be able to choose the best training regimen that can make a man’s chest flat. However, not always the man can afford to go to a gym, and it is not a lack of money or free time. Often the reason for the reluctance to visit the gym lies in the psychological discomfort of knowing the presence of such a defect is apparent, as the sagging breasts.

To achieve a good result and get rid of fat on the chest and can be at home, using a minimal amount of equipment. In this case, it is very important to choose the right training intensity and type. Ideal for removal of fat from the breasts in men is considered to be a combination of cardio and strength training. 4-10 approaches necessary to do one exercise each week increasing the load. To return the tone pectoral muscles, you need to perform the exercises until a strong feeling of a burning sensation in the muscles. We select the most effective exercises that can be used to eliminate fat at home.

Exercises with dumbbells pushups. This is perhaps the most effective means of pumping dorsal and pectoral muscles. In carrying out this exercise, it is important to keep the body as straight as possible. When you exercise the maximum load it will pripadat chest. For quick results should immediately perform the maximum number of push-ups. Start pumping muscles need with 4 approaches, each following approach should be to push 3 more than the previous. The interval between the campaigns of 2 minutes. Thus, if the first approach consisted of 12 push, the following should be 15 push etc.

Exercises with dumbbells. To perform the exercises at home will suit a dumbbell weighing 1 to 3 kg. One of the most effective and at the same time simple exercises follows. One hand gripped a dumbbell and given to his waist. The second hand will also need to take a dumbbell and start its movement along the body to the side of the other hand. The exercise should be as slow as possible, then you can feel the strong pressure in his chest.

Lifting the legs to a prone position. This exercise allows you to not only tighten the chest muscles, but also burn excess fat on the abdomen.

As a cardio component can be used to jumping rope or jogging. Personal training – create a maximum load. The visible effect of tightening the muscles and improve the relief of breasts in men, usually observed after 2-3 weeks of classes.

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